amino4u for the reduction of body fat

Obesity is one of the greatest health risks of our time. Mainly due to malnutrition and lack of exercise unwanted fat deposits collect around our bodies. What starts as a cosmetic blemish, may end in the worst case with serious physical illnesses, which is why almost everyone during their lifetime takes on a countless number of "diets".

In many cases the lost pounds bar in a short are once again back by a multiple on the ribs often without any or with only temporary success. The word "diet" comes from the Greek and stands for a way of life, which should be of a permanent nature, of course. However, there are times in life when you put on a few kilograms of unwanted body fat due to various circumstances. The reason for this can, for example, be a pregnancy, a lengthy injury or just the Christmas holidays. In these cases, it would be very nice to burn the excess fat quickly and effectively, which is why diets or miracle pills are often hastily used.

Why do diets often not work?

The widest possible range of diets is available on the market. Ranging from all-day consumption of vegetable soup to slimming in sleep just about all facets are used to stimulate the fat burning process. In many cases, early loss of body weight is actually achieved, but it is back again on the body after a few months. This is popularly referred to as the yo-yo effect, with the final weight usually being even higher than the initial weight before the diet.

Many diets produce a deficiency in the body, because the diet abruptly becomes very low in calories. It does not take a great mathematician to understand that there is a now negative calorie balance, which means that more calories are burned than taken in. Consequently, a massive weight loss is already achieved after a very short time, which is at first glance a success. The crux of the matter, however, is that the body goes into a catabolic (i.e. degrading) state if it is not supplied with sufficient materials.

Necessary repair and conversion processes cannot take place, and the body is starved. If you take on approximately 1,000 calories less per day than you burn, the body goes into a starvation state, shuts down your metabolism and mainly burns its own muscles, as it is much easier to produce energy from the proteins contained in it than from body fats. At the end of such a diet you have therefore lost a lot of weight, overall, however, unfortunately only 1/3 fat and 2/3 valuable muscle. On top of that you have additionally lowered the metabolism.

This means that you consume less energy by a slower metabolism and also have less muscle, which means that the actual calorie requirement continues to decrease. After the rigours of a diet most persons fall back into old eating patterns. If, however, you have eaten too many calories before the diet and the calorie requirement has further decreased due to loss of muscle, it should be clear what consequences are to be expected. The body stores the excess energy in its fat pads - the undesired yo-yo effect has occurred and you begin doubtfully with the next diet.

True and healthy slimming

To actually reduce body fat the following factors are crucial:

  • A slightly low-calorie food intake
  • Constant blood sugar levels
  • Burning as much energy as possible
  • Maintaining or building muscle, because the majority of the fat is burned there
  • Supply of vital substances

Since fats are actually able to keep the body going through a famine, it naturally burns them only when food is not plentiful. It is important that the body still gets enough energy to function properly.

Equally important is a constant blood sugar level. In particular "bad" carbohydrates allow the blood sugar to rise sharply after consumption, so that the body needs to release insulin in order to regulate it again. Insulin is an absolute inhibitor of fat burning, which is why you can switch off burning completely for up to eight hours after the unrestrained consumption of unfavourable dietary fat. Since meals are not so for apart, it could be, in the worst case, that for days you burn no fat at all. For this reason, during body fat reduction foods that increase blood sugar greatly should be omitted to allow the fat metabolism to work at all.

If these two points are met, energy must be burned. This naturally happens throughout the day, more or less depending on the level of activity. A major help when it comes to fat burning is movement in the form of aerobic exercise. Even without the target of body fat loss, sports should be part of a daily routine, while on a diet it is effectively essential.
As already described, many diets fail because of the loss of muscle, which in turn is associated with the infamous yo-yo effect. At this point amino4u calms into play. It is almost completely calorie free and has essentially no effect on blood sugar levels. On the other hand, the body is supplied with the eight essential amino acids which are immensely important for it, so that all the necessary conversion processes can take place in the body. Thus, there is no shortage for the body despite the reduced calorie intake, so that the metabolism is not reduced.

An increased level of sport will also build muscles (thanks to amino4u enough building material is available), so that the basal metabolic rate can be increased even further and the body silhouette turns positive in a very short time.

Slimming with amino4u

In many years of work, a concept has been developed and continuously improved since 1992, with which it is possible to eliminate body fat safely and build muscles.

Because of its superior characteristics amino4u is formally designed to help persons with the loss of body fat.

This program has already helped countless participants permanently to a slim and trim body. It is based on the above-described pillars, which involve the consumption of foods which do not drive the blood sugar levels sky high. What matters is the very high intake of amino4u, so as not to put the body in a deficiency state in which it burns valuable muscle.

Back in the Stone Age, a large proportion of food came from plants. Although fruits and vegetables contain fructose, which is a simple sugar, this special, natural sugar does not drive up blood glucose levels as rapidly as, for example, table sugar.

Thus, the consumption of these foods is permitted almost without restriction. The organism is supplied with sufficient carbohydrates to allow body and mind to function optimally. The constant blood sugar level allows the burning of body fat. Research has also shown that the body is supplied with sufficient essential amino acids, if you take 0.4g of amino4u per kilogram of body weight per day. The combination of these scientific findings with the intake of plenty of water and some endurance sport makes the pounds melt away in a very short time and with lasting success.

The crucial factor is the intake of amino4u to the necessary degree, because otherwise you run the risk of an unwanted deficiency, which leads to the negative consequences described above.

It is, of course, important to maintain afterwards a proper diet in the true sense, i.e. a way of life. This should definitely include a healthy, balanced diet and physical activity. Continued use of amino4u, of course, in much smaller form, ensures the optimal supply of the body with important building materials in order to continue to allow the preservation of crucial muscles and to perform the constant conversion processes which the body needs.

Benefits of amino4u during body fat reduction

  • Optimal for keeping the body fat percentage low (and looking good)
  • Prevents deficiencies of important proteins
  • Nearly calorie-free
  • No adverse effect on the blood sugar level, which would inhibit fat burning
  • 100% vegetable, no binders or additives
  • Tightening of the connective tiss
  • Almost perfect depletion value of 99%
  • Only 1% nitrogen waste, which has to be detoxified through the liver and kidneys
  • Improves muscle strength
  • No burden on the digestive tract
  • Improves the immune system
  • Strengthens cartilage, ligaments and tendons, which prevents protracted illness
  • Hypoallergenic and can be used easily by persons with allergies
  • Available to the body within 23 minutes in the blood