for patients after injuries and operations

It is not difficult to understand that after an illness, injury or even surgery the human body has an increased need to be able to regenerate protein as quickly as possible. In addition, it is precisely after surgery that the body has to deal with the side effects of drugs and anaesthetics. For this reason, the detoxification organs must not be burdened by a high intake of proteins. These proteins, however, are the building materials which are very important for a speedy healing process.

At this point the patient is in a quandary. Should he now stress his own detoxification organs even more in order to restore the damaged parts of the body more quickly or should he prefer to limit the protein intake to avoid burdening the organs? For this, he asked; however, accept that the recovery process will be dragged out to some extent. It must not be forgotten that the conventional supply of proteins can be used only to a small degree as the actual materials by the body. Much of it takes the so-called catabolic pathway. This means in essence that calories are taken up, which release energy. Because sick or injured persons are often restricted in motion and have reduced caloric requirements, these added excess calories will be undesirably stored in the form of body fat.

Due to its properties amino4u provides the solution to the balancing act required. On the one hand it provides the eight essential amino acids for the body which enormously accelerate the reconstruction and regeneration processes needed in the body and do not stress the liver and kidney and, on the other, it is a 99% precursor of protein. In addition, it makes it possible to avoid the additional accumulation of body fat.
Through the regular use of amino4u , the healing process of the injured parts of the body (muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments or institutions) is achieved significantly faster and more effectively, without any burden at all on the liver, kidney or gastrointestinal tract.

Benefits of amino4u for patients after operations and injuries at a glance

  • Includes only the eight essential amino acids for humans
  • Almost perfect depletion value of 99%
  • Only 1% nitrogen waste, which has to be detoxified through the liver and kidneys
  • Significantly faster regeneration or recovery after illness, injury or surgery
  • No burden on the digestive tract
  • Tightening of the connective tissue
  • Improve the immune system - important for a weakened body
  • Optimised endurance, muscle strength and muscle mass
  • Strengthens cartilage, ligaments and tendons, which prevents lengthy injury
  • 100% vegetable, no binders or additives
  • Nearly calorie-free
  • Hypoallergenic and can be used easily by persons with allergies
  • Available to the body within 23 minutes in the blood