amino4u for amateur and professional athletes

Physically active persons have increased wear in their protein. In order to enable regeneration processes, or indeed the development of muscles, the body requires amino acids (the building blocks of the human body). Of the 20 amino acids in the body 8 are essential, that is they must be supplied from outside with the food.

To enable the thousands of regeneration and conversion processes, which take place every second in the body, in particular the essential amino acids must be present simultaneously in the proper ratio. If we compare the body with a tile roof, then defective tiles must be re-installed in the right size and preferably in real colour, so that there is no optical blemish or even rain inside the building when a tile is installed with the wrong size. It is the same situation with our bodies. If through physical stress (such as training) we destroy cells in the body (e.g. muscles- you know the muscle ache), the body has to restore them and tries to improve them by resisting the load in the next time meal. This process of improvement is called super compensation. A precondition for this process is the adequate provision of essential amino acids.

Since amino4u is already available quickly to the body, these processes can be rapidly set in motion, which significantly shortens the recovery time and even allows this process to continue during exercise. Consequently, you can begin the next training earlier and the current exercise can be harder and last longer. Ambitious athletes are now at least recognising the uniqueness of amino4u and appreciating the benefits.

But even amateur athletes for whom the health aspect is in the foreground are benefiting. Frequently amateur athletes train beyond their actual physical conditions because they lack the professional training methods and diagnostics feature of ambitious athletes or professionals. The consequences are often overburdened joints, muscular problems (severe muscle aches) or a weakened immune system. With amino4u the relatively many destroyed cells can be rapidly brought back into shape, which avoids injury and enables the amateur athletes to continue to enjoy their sport.

Injuries are the most common reason for a break in training for both professional and amateur athletes. The adequate intake of essential amino acids significantly promotes the conversion and repair processes in the body, providing an improvement of bone, tendons, ligaments and also muscles and thus preventing injuries. A high amino acid level can have a positive influence on the immune system of the athlete, who is often plagued with annoying colds especially in intensive training phases.
Finally, a sufficient presence of essential amino acids in the right composition prevents an oversupply of nonessential amino acids, so that acidification of the body is avoided. A positive side effect, which is especially important for athletes, may be a lower lactate level, which of course means that a significant performance improvement can be generated.

As a result of the massive positive effect amino4u is used by many athletes and ambitious professionals who have constantly be ready to take doping tests. A recent composition analysis of the German Sports University in Cologne is available at any time and can be requested if required by email.

Benefits of amino4u for amateur and professional athletes at a glance

  • Includes only the eight essential amino acids for humans
  • Almost perfect depletion value of 99%
  • Only 1% nitrogen waste, which has to be detoxified
  • Significantly faster regeneration after exercise
  • Tightening of the joints
  • No burden on the digestive tract, thus usable even during exercise, which brings a considerable advantage especially for workouts or competitions that last longer than 90 minutes
  • Avoiding an oversupply of non-essential amino acids and thus preventing premature acidification of the body
  • Improving the immune system
  • Optimised endurance, muscle strength and muscle mass, by which later fatigue and higher efficiency are ensured
  • Strengthens cartilage, ligaments and tendons, which prevents lengthy injuries
  • 100% vegetable, no binders or additives
  • Free of banned substances - a current composition analysis can be requested at any time