Amino acids and their function in the body

If you want to understand what is behind amino4u, you first have to come to terms with the subject of amino acids.

In the body there are 20 different amino acids that serve as building blocks for cells, bone and tissue. Crucial for the body are precisely eight amino acids, which must be supplied from outside with the food. A high protein diet is a precondition for getting even some of these essential amino acids. The total amount of free amino acids in the blood, the so-called amino acid levels, should not fall below 75g/l to be physically fit and for the body to launch important modification and repair processes. This can be determined by a major blood count by the doctor and is significantly undershot by almost all humans.

It is important to know that each of our cells has its own plan, which requires a certain amount of building materials (i.e. amino acids) for regeneration or repair. Figuratively and oversimplifying, one can imagine the human body like a Lego set or a puzzle. If parts are missing or do not match, you cannot give the Lego figure the desired shape or the puzzle must be left unfinished.

Similarly, if the eight essential amino acids are not available in sufficient numbers, the body uses the 12 which it can make himself only to a very small extent, so that cell repairs cannot be performed properly.
This can result in a worse complexion, dwindling muscles, problems with tendons, bones and ligaments, a weak immune system, fatigue and much more.

One might think that you can indeed during the day ingest one or the other protein-rich food and therefore have all of the eight essential amino acids present. However, this is a fallacy, because our bodies must have all eight essential amino acids available at the same time in order to actually get the building blocks for cell metabolism. To use another pictorial comparison, imagine a table with two front legs, with the other two legs being delivered later. This table also has very little chance of performing its function with two table legs.

At this point amino4u comes into play. It contains exactly these eight essential amino acids for humans in optimal proportions to obtain for the body the best materials for all body systems. On top of that amino4u, even in its components (the eight essential amino acids), is already split and is thus available in the blood within 23 minutes. Thus, the body receives not only the highest quality but also the best materials at high speed and without additional effort, since no digestion needs to take place.